How to design a proffesional minimalist logo without any design experience or image editing software

I can teach you how to make this proffesional looking logo for my imaginary company ‘Johnson Creative’ in all of 5 minutes. No skills/knowledge required.

If you have absolutely NO graphic design experience or even any image editing software (beyond paint) its still possible to design a fantastic looking minimalist logo for your business

Step 1
– Download a custom font.
– try searching ‘best logo fonts free 2016’ or something to that effect.
– there are tonnes of lists of great custom fonts available to download:
example lists:

Step 2 

Download and install the font of your choice

Step 3

Write the name of your business in a word editing program using your font. change the colours to give it a bit of spice.

I’m using the font: Baron Neue here.

Step 4 

screenshot the logo, paste into paint and cut down to the required dimensions

Step 5 

You’re done! Enjoy your proffesional looking logo (that took all of 5 minutes to make!!)